How to Enroll Students

Enrolling charter and distance learning students is simple with WriteAtHome.

  1. Students, parents, and teachers choose courses and follow school procedures to generate and submit purchase orders. Charter and distance learning school students using purchase orders for payment DO NOT enroll on the WriteAtHome website.

  2.  Purchase orders can be submitted in one of two ways:

    1. You can use your school’s WriteAtHome dedicated enrollment page. The enrollment form requires all the information necessary to enroll students, set up parent and teacher dashboards, and has a place to upload your purchase order. If your school does not have a dedicated enrollment page and would like one, please contact Melanie Wasko via email or phone.

    2. If you prefer, you can email your purchase order to our enrollment email. In addition to course selection, the follow information must accompany your PO in order to enroll students:


*Please Note: Each WriteAtHome participant (students, teachers, parents) must have their own unique email address.

**Teacher information is required for teachers who want WriteAtHome Teacher Dashboards.

3. Once we receive your purchase order, students will be enrolled and a confirmation email with login information will be sent to the student and parent. The Welcome to WriteAtHome course linked in the confirmation email provides information needed for the student to get started.

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