Why WriteAtHome?

At WriteAtHome we believe that…

  • writing skills are important for success in life.

  • teaching writing is uniquely difficult and time consuming.

  • for students to improve they need adequate practice + attentive coaching.

  • every student is unique and needs both positive encouragement and directive feedback on their writing.

  • students learn best through a multi-draft writing process.

  • each student improves at their own pace, and that it takes time.

What We Do:

  • We provide online writing courses for students in grades five through twelve.

  • We offer 32-week annual and 16-week semester courses and 8-week workshops which focus on one type of writing.

  • Each student is assigned a personal writing coach who coaches them through their course.

  • Each week students read a short lesson, complete a quiz on the lesson content, and compose and submit a draft of a writing assignment.

  • All assignments receive feedback from the student’s writing coach.

  • Most papers are completed in three drafts, and a rubric score is given on each third draft.

How We Do It:

  • WriteAtHome uses Canvas Learning Management System to deliver our curriculum.

  • Our writing coaches use Canvas Speed Grader to provide feedback on all submitted assignments.

  • Instruction is asynchronous but date-driven, too.

  • We offer structured flexibility to our students.

How We Help Teachers:

How We Help Parents:

  • Parents can monitor student progress via their Parent Dashboard (same as Teacher Dashboards).

  • They can easily communicate with writing coaches via the Inbox feature. 

  • Peace of mind…no more wondering if their students are getting enough or too much writing or if they’re being too harsh or lenient when reviewing and grading assignments.

  • We handle writing by providing instruction, assigning papers and due dates, providing feedback, and grading the papers.

  • WriteAtHome improves parent-teen relationships. =)

How We Help Students:

  • WriteAtHome provides each student with a friendly, supportive, and skilled writing coach.

  • Our lessons are engaging.

  • Paper topics and assignments are varied and interesting. They cover narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive writing.

  • Our coaching is personalized. Each student is coached as an individual. Our coaches assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and coaches them toward improvement. We start right where they are and have no expectation of how they should be writing when they begin.

  • We offer plenty of practice without rigor.

 We Are Perfect for Personalized Learning Model Charter and Distance Learning Schools:

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