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Be sure your students are getting the instruction, practice, and coaching they need to become capable writers.

At WriteAtHome®, we care about your students’ success.

  • Created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers

  • Positive, Personal coaching from a writing expert

  • Helpful feedback and evaluation on all papers

  • Informative lessons and interesting assignments

  • Every writing experience is a learning experience

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Stop Worrying about Your Teen’s Writing Skills

be sure your student…

  • is writing enough

  • is getting Expert, personal input and encouragement

  • Is getting pushed, but not frustrated

  • will be prepared for college-level writing

Our Courses

We offer three types of online writing courses for students in grades five through twelve.

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We also offer, for a limited number of students, Wasko Lit, live online literature courses taught by WriteAtHome founder, Brian Wasko:

Raves from Our Customers

We’ve worked with tens of thousands of homeschool writers since we started in 2001, and we get lots of encouraging emails like the one below.

Thank you so much for your teaching this year! I feel that through you I grew a lot not only in my writing abilities, but also in my CONFIDENCE in my writing. I am not nearly so anxious over how I will get along in my writing assignments in college this coming school year.
— Eleanor (student to her writing coach) May 31, 2017

Your Writing Coach: A Personal Guide to Better Writing

Every student at WriteAtHome® is assigned an expert, personal writing coach. All our writing coaches are highly qualified,  experienced educators and/or professional writers or editors. They are enthusiastic and positive, trained to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of every piece of submitted work.        

All coaches pass our challenging and competitive application process and receive training in WriteAtHome®'s uniquely effective approach to guiding students toward improved writing. 

Meet Our Writing Coaches

Become a Writing Coach

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

You get your money's worth or you get your money back. It's as simple as that. 

You have 100 days to evaluate an annual course. If it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll withdraw your student and give you a full refund.