Sarah gary

An honor graduate of Virginia Tech and proud Hokie, Sarah has been on a formal path of life-long learning since the late 1990’s. As a former classroom and Head Start teacher, she has worked with students with a variety of needs and backgrounds in Virginia and Florida. After moving overseas to the remarkable island of Guam, Sarah had the opportunity to teach with Central Texas College before returning to Virginia. She delights in home educating her three sons and privately tutoring other children. Being a passionate advocate for remaining a learner for life is another of her joys. Modelling this philosophy, she has even included her children in helping to write and test curriculum for other home educators and co-ordinate home education support opportunities in her community. Sarah is also a voracious reader and ardent supporter of public libraries, semi-decent gardener, and lover of just enough coffee to justify her mug of flavored creamer. She also enjoys community service and bringing out the hidden talents in others. “Ut Prosim” is more than a motto. “That I May Serve” is the backbone of her personal and professional philosophy. Her children will tell you she likes “boring English shows” and they get annoyed during geography discussions when a place is mentioned and she says “oh, I’ve been there, let me find my pictures.” Sarah loves a good adventure.