Robin has been writing in some form or another throughout her entire life. She's written newspaper articles (high school and adulthood), tons of essays (mostly college, including one on Henry IV that was published in a literary journal), research papers (AP English and college, including a manuscript study), and an undergrad college thesis.

Robin has a BA in Music (emphasis on piano) with an Elementary-Ed Teaching Certificate (equivalent to a license or teaching degree). She started and ran her own school (K-12) for many years when she was in her 20s. That's when she realized that she enjoyed teaching writing the most, and since she wrote all the writing curriculum for the school, Robin was able to experience the joys and challenges of finding a variety of ways to engage student writers.

Robin is married to a man she’s known since 7th grade, though they didn't become friends until they were freshmen at CU Boulder. They have two children (in 2018-2019, her son is a junior and her daughter a freshman). Both of their children attend public school, as they've been very fortunate to live in a good district (the same district she and her husband attended throughout their schooling). Their writing experience and instruction has been unusually strong, which has allowed Robin to focus more on teaching other students rather than worrying about them.

In her spare time, Robin enjoys hiking with her kiddos, reading tons (she generally reads 120+ books a year, mostly YA genre), crocheting, and photography. Her family likes to travel (usually by car) to national parks and other sources of natural beauty, and they've explored many of the national parks in WY, CO, UT, and CA, along with many state parks. Her profile picture is from a recent trip to White Ranch, a local open-space area. Robin and her family live in Colorado, and admit to being spoiled by the loveliness of the world around them, but they enjoy every second of it.