melissa morgan

Melissa enjoys teaching writing, classic literature and worldview studies with students in a variety of ages, including middle and high school. She homeschooled her three children, who are now young adults. In addition, Melissa is a regular columnist and curriculum reviewer for Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling magazine. She is a certified tutor for Varsity Tutoring, holds a teacher certification from Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and earned a BA in Church and Family Ministries with a Cognate in Elementary Education, GBS Aldersgate program. Melissa's education credits include Principles & Methods of Education, Child Development, Social Studies Methods, Math Methods, Language Arts Methods, Reading Methods, Children's Literature, Educating Exceptional Learners, Science Methods, Classroom Observation and Educational Field Experience. Melissa feels a personal responsibility to help students achieve their highest potential—and to eventually become even more successful than their teacher. Her favorite motivational poster states: “Success comes in a CAN not in a CAN'T!”