Lauren Eissler

Lauren grew up as a complete bookworm, reading everything she could get her hands on. Her love of books influenced her love of writing. As a kid, she briefly wrote a newspaper for her family and kept writing other stories. She studied journalism in college and minored in editing and publishing. During college, Lauren worked her way up the ranks for the student paper, starting as a reporter and serving as editor-in-chief her senior year. As an editor, she loved mentoring her writers and helping grow their writing skills. Since college, Lauren has been working on keeping her writing skills sharp. She works for her alma mater doing instructional technology and whatever writing projects they can dig up. Lauren spends her evenings voraciously reading (so many fantasy and sci-fi books), writing blog posts (mostly book reviews with the occasional story about the unwanted mice cohabiting in her apartment), writing a novel (no, her characters do not deserve everything that’s happening to them, but that’s life), and stressing (in a good way) over her favorite hockey team.