Formatting Guidelines for all WriteAtHome assignments


  • Include a heading. All papers should have a heading in the upper left hand corner of the page that lists:
    • Your first name only. Please do not disclose your last name to your writing coach.
    • The date                                                                                                               
    • Your writing coach’s name                                                                              
    • The assignment code (A1, B1, C2, etc.) The letter indicates the assignment; the number indicates the draft.                                                


January 22, 2019
Mrs. Stevens
Assignment B2 
  • Double-space all papers. Set your word processing program to double-space. Do not simply hit Enter twice at the end of each line (this causes spacing problems later).
  • Use simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Don’t use fancy fonts.
  • Font should be 12-point only. Don’t change the size.
  • Keep the margins at 1 inch. This is the normal setting. No reason to change it. 
  • Text only. Please do not add graphics, borders, images, etc.
  • *Papers may not exceed 5 pages. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.

* This does not include research papers, which may be longer.