Debi Faulkner grew up in Detroit, MI. She went to public school and was once told by a teacher that her five-and-dime vocabulary would get her nowhere in life. Unwilling to accept that pronouncement, she went on to earn a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at Wayne State University, publish several poems in literary journals and publish four books for children. 

 After marrying and starting a family, she left the USA to begin a new adventure living in Europe in 2001. Though her time in the Netherlands was only supposed to be a five-year commitment, after a short stint in Ireland, she and her family still live in "Holland" 17 years later. 

When not struggling with the Dutch language (sigh), Debi spends her time teaching Pilates and Yoga classes (in Dutch--yes, you should pity her students). 

Her goal--and her joy--are helping students better themselves, whether it is physically with Pilates and Yoga or intellectually with their writing.