Debbie Jackson has lived a life filled with writing, from childhood to the present day. This included two years of writing for the school newspaper at her college, and tutoring other students in writing and calculus. When the Jackson family relocated to NC from KY, Debbie homeschooled her two children (as well as several others), coordinated cooperative classes for the local homeschool group, tutored writing to local homeschool students outside co-op classes, plus she co-founded one of the original lapbook companies when that craze was in its infancy. These activities fed her need to research, be creative, write,  and teach, all at the same time. In under 10 years with the company, Debbie wrote more than a hundred separate products for homeschoolers, from elementary math to high school literature, and many in between.

Now, the homeschooled children have graduated high school, college, and grad school.  So these days, Debbie spends her time with her husband, Harold, and their two-year-old rescue dog, Sadie, who deserves a book of her own. Sadie, Harold, and Debbie enjoy traveling in their travel trailer even if Debbie has to take work with her.  She's worked on papers in several states, plus Mexico, Dominican Republic, and more.  Once she even sat on the balcony in the state room of a cruise ship and worked on papers as she waved toward Fidel Castro on Cuba. Writing is done for personal enjoyment now, journaling helps gather the parts of life that need to be documented, and art has joined the activities over the summer break. But as with every other year, when the school year comes around, there's the excitement of seeing new rosters of students from WriteAtHome.  Helping writers, young or old, to feel better about their writing efforts is still thrilling, even after all of these years, and she looks forward to helping the next wave of WriteAtHome students learn to love writing, maybe even as much as she does herself.