Dr. Beth Meltzer is a certified life coach, blogger, and published author who has been coaching WriteatHome students for many years. For undergraduate work, she majored in English with a specialty in English literature and poetry. Her love of literature and writing grew from her studies of Charles Dickens and William Wordsworth. After graduating, she aspired to teach literature at the college level, but set those plans aside when she and her husband started a family.

After raising her children, her career took a slight twist as she went back to college to pursue a Master’s degree in religion and a Doctorate of Ministry degree with a focus on children and family ministry. She then led children’s ministry teams for many years prior to starting a coaching/mentoring practice of her own.

Beth successfully homeschooled her four children and has a passion for sharing her love of life and creative expression with her students. When she's not coaching WriteatHome students or moms, you can find her hiking, kayaking, or adventuring with her grandkids or fur babies!