From the days when she was a little girl and forced her younger sister to play school, Mandy has loved teaching. She began her formal education as a Montessori student and went on to attend a Catholic middle and high school. She excelled in school and was accepted as a participant in the Honors Program at Loyola University Maryland.  An excellent writing professor at Loyola helped to foster Mandy’s interest in writing. After receiving a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education, Mandy found employment teaching at her alma mater Montessori school.  She completed the certification as a Montessori Primary teacher as part of earning a Master’s Degree in Education through Goucher College. 

                Mandy spent several years as a Montessori teacher encouraging students to follow their interests and work at their own pace.  When she and her husband welcomed their first child, it radically shifted her focus on her career as she became a mother.  Mandy currently works a variety of part-time jobs including helping her parents with the family business and volunteering as a teacher at her church. Her full-time job is now homeschooling her own son and daughter.  Since 2008, Mandy has been coaching with WriteAtHome where she aims to meet students at their level and gently encourage them to grow in both their writing skills and confidence.