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I just had to drop a line to let you know how much both of my boys are thriving in their writing classes. The instructors are absolutely amazing!
— Kelly B

Who We Are


Melanie's version: Thanks for visiting WriteAtHome® ! WriteAtHome® is the brainchild of my husband, Brian, but we run the business together. Brian is the literature, writing guru (nerd), and I'm the homeschooling mom, just like you, who is here to help. I know what it's like to plan curriculum, organize co-ops, line up classes and worry all the while if you're doing enough. So I'm here to help you practically and also to cheer you on, encourage you, remind you that it's worth it, and tell you, yes, you're doing enough.  

Brian's version: In this picture, Melanie looks a lot better than me. I was a little pudgy in those days and well, you know how unflattering horizontal stripes are. That was a bad decision. And what exactly is happening with my hair? Melanie, on the other hand, looks smoking hot. Obviously, my wife selected this picture. 

We met at the University of Virginia a long time ago. After that, I was a high school English teacher between gigs as a Christian hip-hop artist. I was a youth pastor for a few years too. We homeschooled our four brilliant daughters. And now we run WriteAtHome® together. It's a pretty sweet gig. Thanks for checking us out.

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Writing Skills Matter

Writing skills are vital for college admissions and a vast number of careers. In a world where high school graduates are notoriously poor at writing, strong writers stand out and discover opportunities unavailable to their peers.

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  • Only 24% of students in 8th and 12th grades are proficient in writing. Just 3% are advanced.
  • Writing skills are critical to college admissions.
  • Employers are desperate to hire competent communicators.


Writing skills are lacking because...

  • Teaching writing is hard, requiring more time and expertise than many classroom teachers and homeschooling parents can provide.
  • Students don’t write enough. Like music and sports, writing is a craft that can only be developed through consistent practice. The average middle and high school student in the U.S. just doesn't do enough writing to gain proficiency.
  • Writing is personal, subjective and complex. It can be intimidating for parents to critique writing projects in a balanced and effective way.

We Succeed Where Others Can't

WriteAtHome® is more than just a curriculum. At the heart of our program is an impressive team of personal writing coaches. For more than a decade, this blend of online tutoring and structured curriculum (what we like to call our tutoriculum) has helped thousands of young writers grow to love and excel at writing. WriteAtHome® works because...

  • Our writing coaches are the best. Each student is assigned an expert personal writing coach. 
  • Students get adequate writing practice. Our short but engaging weekly assignments keep students interested. The only way to learn to write, after all, is by writing. 
  • Our approach is warm and positive. Good coaching isn't just pointing out the mistakes; it's also finding what students are doing right. We build confidence as we build writing skills. 

How It Works

It's just this simple: 

Our Writing Coaches

Every student at WriteAtHome® is assigned an expert, personal writing coach. All our writing coaches are highly qualified,  experienced educators and/or professional writers or editors. They are enthusiastic and positive, trained to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of every piece of submitted work.        

All coaches pass our challenging and competitive application process and receive training in WriteAtHome®'s uniquely effective approach to guiding students toward improved writing. 

Meet Our Writing Coaches (Coming Soon)

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100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

You get your money's worth or you get your money back. It's as simple as that. 

You have 100 days to evaluate an annual course. If it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll withdraw your student and give you a full refund.