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Help ButtonWe all need a little help now and then. As students get older, homeschooling parents often look for ways to supplement their home education. For more than a decade, WriteAtHome® has been a trusted resource for homeschool families looking for help in the area of writing.

We know that writing skills are critical to success in college and the workplace. But because writing is personal, subjective, and complex, homeschooling parents often feel unsure about their ability to effectively evaluate their own students’ writing. That’s where WriteAtHome’s team of experienced, trained, and friendly writing coaches can offer a helping hand.

WriteAtHome does more than just evaluate writing too. Our writing courses provide a structured curriculum, including weekly due dates. Our coaches work with students through the writing process, providing both positive and gently critical feedback, guiding students expertly toward better papers and improved writing skill.

Thank You

Since 2001, WriteAtHome has helped more than 12,000 homeschooled teens improve their writing.
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It’s pretty great to work at something you love and get to help people at the same time. And it’s particularly fulfilling when those people take the time to communicate their appreciation. That happens to us all the time. We’d like to share some of our most encouraging recent emails with you.

Donna C.

For the record, we LOVE W@H, it's one of the very best homeschool decisions we've ever made. Kids love their coaches, the assignments are interesting, it's just a perfect writing solution for us.

Kelly B.

I just had to drop a line to let you know how much both of my boys are thriving in their writing classes. The instructors are absolutely amazing!

P.S. My daughter can't wait until she is old enough to take your classes. :)


My son took several of your courses throughout his homeschooling. He just finished his first semester at Memphis College of Art and received the highest grade in the school for Writing I. Many thanks to the wonderful coaches at WriteAtHome!

From a student:

Dear Mrs. -----, Before your class I used to dread writing, and put it off for as long as possible. I never thought I was very good either, and a few of my papers may have ended in tears. But with your wonderfully helpful comments, I now believe I have a glimmer of hope at being a decent writer. Thank you so very much for that wonderful gift! You are a true blessing!

Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about teaching writing.

  1. Practice makes perfect.
    There is only one way to learn to write – by writing. WriteAtHome courses require weekly writing projects from students—just enough to keep them honing their skills week in and week out.
  2. Our coaches are fantastic.
    WriteAtHome writing coaches are the core of our program. Our team is made up of teachers, writers, and editors – people with a love for language and a passion to help kids reach their writing potential.
  3. We aren’t Mom or Dad.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with being a parent. It’s just that students are often willing to hear constructive criticism from an objective third party.
  4. We understand that writing is hard.
    Most students struggle to write well. We get that. Good writing requires an odd mix of creativity, passion, and clear thinking, to say nothing of the bewildering rules of grammar, syntax, and mechanics. Our coaches work patiently and sympathetically with all student writers.
  5. We keep it interesting.
    We work hard to provide students with engaging, memorable lessons about writing and with writing assignments that are creative and varied.
  1. Experience helps.
    Having worked with thousands of students over many years is a great advantage. We know what to expect from student writers – how to push the good ones and inspire the reluctant ones.
  2. Nobody fails.
    That’s right. Nobody. There is no passing or failing a WriteAtHome class. We provide detailed assessment scores on final drafts, but no grades. Our goal is nothing more than improvement.
  3. Our coaches are tutors.
    We work with students at all levels of ability with the same goal – to help them grow as writers. We have a history of success with struggling, reluctant writers as well as with talented future authors.
  4. We like to think positive.
    We reject the old-school model of red-ink spattered papers full of blunt, harsh criticisms. We correct errors, sure, but we also think it’s valuable to point out what students do well. And when correction is offered, it’s with a warm, friendly tone.
  5. We offer flexible structure.
    We think you can have both. Weekly due dates are important to keep students on track and consistently working. But we are happy to work around the busy schedules of the average homeschool family.

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