WriteAtHome is an asynchronous program. That means you don't have to be online at a particular time each week. It works with your schedule. There is no real-time interaction with a teacher. No video feeds or webinars. Instruction is provided through our online platform.

Starting this fall, we'll be using a new learning management system (LMS) to deliver our courses. We couldn't be more excited about it. 

When classes begin, students simply login to our website. The homepage (like the one to the right) will provide an overview of the course. 

The menu on the far left provides links that let students see and/or edit their account information, view a calendar with assignment due dates, communicate with their writing coach via an inbox, and get help with using the system. 




The course is run via the Modules tab. Each week, students are given access to a lesson and a writing assignment. The assignment is always due the following week. 

Students have several options for submitting papers. They can compose them on your computer's word processor and upload the file, or they can write the paper right on the platform via the text editor. They can even split the difference and copy and paste their work into the text editor.

Coaches mark up the papers with helpful comments and students are given opportunity to revise and improve their drafts. 

There's no sitting through lectures or class discussions. We give a short lesson and something for the student to write. This repeats week after week. 

This is what the Modules tab looks like. It contains the course syllabus.

This is what the Modules tab looks like. It contains the course syllabus.

This is a sample lesson.

This is a sample assignment page.