The Which-Course-Should-I-Take Survey

There are no prerequisites for WriteAtHome courses, and you may enroll a student in any course you like. Because our courses are tutorial in nature, our writing coaches will work with students of any ability level and will help them improve. There is no passing or failing. Our desire is simply to help students of all abilities to become more effective writers. 

Parents, however, often ask for our input on which course to take, so the guide below is designed to take you through the important questions to consider and will lead you to the course we would recommend for your student. 

Note: This survey is designed for students new to the WriteAtHome program. For students who have previously completed an annual or semester course, we recommend simply advancing to the next course in the sequence. For example, if your student has completed High School Composition 1, we suggest enrolling in High School Composition 2. 

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