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notes report

Read this week’s lesson carefully. This is the research part of your research paper. Your assignment this week is to read through your various sources and create note cards. Set your goal to get through most, if not all, of your sources this week, taking notes on index cards as described in Chapter 3. You may have some time next week to continue note-taking, but there will be another assignment as well.  

Source Cards: Be sure to create a separate source card for every source you use for research. Follow the instruction in Chapter 3 on creating source cards. Keep them separate from your research note cards. 

Note Cards: Follow the instructions in Chapter 3 for creating note cards as you read through your material. Don’t forget to include the source code on each card and (if appropriate) the page number where you found it. Try to vary your cards so that you have some facts/statistics cards, some paraphrase cards, and some direct quote cards.  

What to Turn In

This week you’ll turn in a Notes Report. It is an update on the research you have been able to do so far. This is the week for doing the majority of your research – please invest the time! Your Notes Report should show your writing coach that you have made significant progress.  

The Notes Report should include the following information:  

  1. Your Name

  2. The date of submission

  3. The number of Source Cards you have created (one for each source)

  4. The number of different kinds of sources (books, websites, magazines, etc.)

  5. The number of Note Cards you have created (total of all cards)

  6. The number of data/statistics cards, paraphrase cards, and direct quote cards

  7. Any other information on research that might be useful to your coach (optional)

Just like last week, write your Notes Report in a document on your computer (with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or something similar), save it, and when you are ready, click Submit Assignment to turn it in.