Rebekah Aftim

Rebekah grew up in the Mojave Desert of California where temperatures regularly crescendo to 130 degrees in the summer and plummet to 10 degrees in the winter. Reading and writing indoors were part hobby and part survival as she grew up! She went to university on the California coast and regularly read her assignments for Latin, Greek, and English classes on windswept beaches near campus. (Imagine reading Virgil's The Aeneid while listening to the roar of waves to help you picture Aeneas struggling to sail toward Italy!)
Since then, Rebekah has taught hundreds of students in seventh through twelfth grade, and without fail her very favorite part with each student in each school year has been watching his or her confidence grow as a reader and a writer.
Depending on the day, Rebekah’s favorite author is Fyodor Dostoyevsky or C.S. Lewis. She also loves writing. Her favorite aspect of writing is editing, and her least favorite is a blank page.