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Brian and Melanie Wasko

Brian and Melanie Wasko


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Boy were we young!

Boy were we young!

Brian and Melanie met at the University of Virginia and were married after graduating in 1988. They began life together in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, where Brian taught high school English in a public school. They quickly got involved in local church youth ministry, where they served for many years.

Soon enough, some little Waskos came along. Four of them. All female. Melanie got to work homeschooling them.

Brian began offering weekly writing classes to the teen homeschoolers in the youth group in 1994, developing his own curriculum and seeing exciting growth in their writing skills. 

In 2001, it was time for a career change and, while running on a treadmill at the YMCA, God gave Brian an idea. Why not take the writing courses online? The name WriteAtHome came to him too, and that's where it all began.

Since then, WriteAtHome has become an important part of the homeschooling experience for tens of thousands of students. 

The girls are mostly all grown up now, and Melanie joined Brian in a full-time role in 2017. 


More about Brian Wasko

Okay, I've been told to write more about my qualifications and stuff because customers want to know I'm a good teacher (and not just that I used to be a rapper and have a smoking hot wife). So here:

  • I was a double major at the University of Virginia (Education and English).

  • I taught English for ten years in a low-income public school (and loved it).

  • I have worked as a volunteer and full-time youth pastor for a total of about fifteen years.

  • I started a weekly writing class for homeschoolers in 1994.

  • I started teaching literature classes for homeschoolers in 1996.

  • I launched WriteAtHome in 2001 with five students. We traded papers by email.

  • I speak regularly at homeschool conventions. Click here for more info on my speaking.