bug in a bed


Franz Kafka wrote a short story called “The Metamorphosis” in which a man wakes up one morning and finds himself transformed into an enormous insect. He doesn’t give any explanation for this metamorphosis – it just happens. It's a pretty weird story.

This week, write a story in which you wake up and find yourself mysteriously transformed into something. You can be a bug too if you like, or you can choose some other creature or object. You could be changed into an octopus or a hamster. Maybe even a potted plant or a bowling ball. Pick whatever you like, and describe the events of your day.

This story can be funny, sad, or frightening. Just remember to make it a story – include events and characters. Have a conclusion that wraps things up at the end.

Before you start writing, you might want to jot down some of the details you hope to include – the events that take place; the things you see, smell, and hear; the way your main character thinks and feels. Use this list to guide your writing. 

Suggested Length: Anywhere from two to five pages. Tell a good story; don’t worry about length as long as it’s under five pages.

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