writing with a pen 2

Sentences with Subjects

This assignment, like last week, involves writing a series of sentences. This time, however, we provide you with a list of nouns and pronouns. Your job is to write a sentence using each of these words as the simple subject of your sentence. See this week’s lesson for more information on simple subjects.

Focus on meeting the five criteria of a complete sentence. Try to create sentences that are varied and interesting, but the most important thing is that you write grammatically correct complete sentences. Creativity is a nice bonus.


Sylvia's handbag holds three packs of gum, a toothbrush, and a harmonica.

As in the last assignment, hit the Enter key after each sentence, and number them if you like. List your sentences. Don’t string them together in paragraph form.

Write 20 sentences, using the following as the simple subject in each one:

  • poetry                                          
  • dreams
  • spaghetti                                     
  • onions                                        
  • elbows                                         
  • toothbrush
  • unicorns                                       
  • Grand Canyon
  • bananas
  • New Jersey
  • hamburger                                  
  • Boston Tea Party
  • nobody                                        
  • friends
  • Texas                                           
  • hope
  • Uncle Harry                                
  • George and I
  • you
  • happiness


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