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Sentence Writing

The lesson this week is on the importance of writing complete sentences. Please carefully review that lesson before beginning this assignment. As you write your sentences, be sure that they all start with a capital letter and end with the correct punctuation.

Your assignment is to choose one subject and write at least ten sentences about it. Be as creative as possible with your sentences—make each one different from the rest. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Vary the length of the sentences.
    • Elephants are enormous.
    • When traveling in India, it is not uncommon to see people riding on the backs of elephants.
  • Don’t start more than two sentences with the same word.
    • Many people love to see elephants in zoos.
    • My favorite part of a circus is the elephant act.
  • Use a different verb (action word) in each sentence. Try not to use is, are, was, or were more than once.
    • Elephants can lift enormous weight with their trunks.
    • Though they appear tame, elephants can be very dangerous.
  • Include at least one question and one exclamation.
    • Are elephants really the smartest animals next to humans?
    • That elephant is wearing pajamas!

Notice that the assignment requires at least ten sentences. If you are a motivated student, see if you can get twenty or even thirty (if you really tried, you could even get forty or fifty).

You can choose any subject you like, but here are some suggestions to choose from in case you need help with ideas. 

  • music                             
  • summertime                
  • grandparents        
  • roller coasters
  • rules                               
  • vacation                        
  • friends                   
  • football
  • the circus                      
  • being sick                      
  • a farm                    
  • outer space
  • whales                           
  • hurricanes                     
  • Christmas             
  • dreams

Since we are looking for individual sentences, don’t write in paragraph format. We prefer a list of sentences. Hit Enter after each sentence. You can even number them if you like.

Click here to review the Formatting Guidelines