Middle School Annual Courses

Middle School 1, Annual

This thirty-two week class gives middle school students an opportunity to write across the spectrum of forms and purposes while introducing them to basic concepts in sound writing skills. The course begins with an 8-week review of sentence and paragraph writing before introducing students to the kind of multi-paragraph, multi-draft assignments that characterize most of our courses. This is both to give students confidence and to avoid alienating students who would be in need of a refresher. The course is designed with the average 5th or 6th grader in mind, but is also appropriate for older students in need of a review of writing fundamentals.

Course Objectives

Students who complete the course will be able to…

  • compose complete sentences.

  • create logically organized paragraphs.

  • write for a variety of purposes, including narration, description, exposition, and persuasion.

  • respond to coach feedback on their writing through revising and proofreading.

  • demonstrate a grasp of basic writing concepts such as unity, conciseness, and clarity.

  • engage the writing process by employing the following five steps in composing every paper: prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, publishing.

  • demonstrate comprehension of basic usage and mechanics rules in their writing.

  • demonstrate proficiency at writing under time constraints.

  • improve their writing across a wide range of broad evaluative areas, including content, style and form.