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An enthusiastic supporter of education and a former homeschooler herself, Joanna's journey as an educator has been, and continues to be, a rewarding adventure. Whether it was volunteering in co-op classrooms as a TA in elementary school or publishing a persuasive essay on homeschooling in 2008 in Moorpark College's Student Essay Anthology, Joanna's secondary years established a focused passion for future endeavors. While attending Cal State University Northridge in 2011, Joanna taught at CSUN as an English Supplemental Instructor, assisting college students from diverse backgrounds in developing both analytical skills and a personalized writing style. In 2013, upon graduating from Cal State, Northridge, earning a B.A. in English with a concentration in Literature, Joanna enlisted in AmeriCorps as a Site Coordinator for a literacy intervention program designed to help 1st-5th grade students in Dallas, TX. A year later, Joanna completed a second term with AmeriCorps, this time as an ELA tutor for 9th grade students in Austin.

Currently, Joanna's newest learning adventure has been that of becoming a mom to a spunky baby girl named Marcie Amelia. When she is not changing diapers, Joanna enjoys spending time with her charming husband, teaching Marcie about the world around her, and making sure that their curious cat, Penelope, stays out of mischief. Ever one for adventure, Joanna is looking forward to her 6th year as a writing coach with WriteAtHome.