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Jen Barnett

Although Jen’s teaching journey started out on a traditional path, it took many interesting twists and turns along the way. After receiving her degree in secondary education with an emphasis in Spanish and English, she moved to Alaska with her husband, seeking adventure and opportunity. She succeeded in finding both!  

Working for eight years with the IDEA homeschool program, she provided support and guidance to homeschooling families in Alaska and later to US military families stationed in Japan, South Korea, Guam, and Hawaii. During this time she also helped found Classroom with a View, a nonprofit organization leading experiential education courses in the backcountry of Alaska and coastal Mexico.

During her eight years guiding Classroom with a View courses, Jen accompanied high school homeschooled students on amazing adventures: navigating a 9-day route over trail-less tundra, listening to a student presentation on edible plants, identifying a parrotfish while snorkeling off an island in Mexico. She was inspired and energized by these students, and she saw the “end result” of homeschooling.

So naturally, when Jen became a parent herself, she chose to homeschool. She continues to follow life’s adventures and looks forward to seeing what lies around the corner.