High School Short Story Writing

This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of short fiction. Students will receive lessons on important elements of story writing and be given a variety of writing assignments designed to hone their skills and develop their creative abilities. Students will complete at least one full short story under the supervision of their personal writing coach.

Note: We recommend that, prior to taking this course, students take any of the High School Creative Writing Workshops:HS Creative Writing 1, HS Creative Writing 2, or HS Creative Writing 3.

Course Objectives

Students who complete the course will be able to…

  • identify the basics of short fiction.

  • craft a story opening that attracts the reader and invites him to read on.

  • create believable, interesting characters.

  • establish a plot around a core conflict.

  • set up a sequence of events leading to a satisfying climax and resolution.

  • effectively describe setting and character.

  • craft natural, convincing dialogue.

  • respond to the input of a personal writing coach in drafting and revising an original work of short fiction.