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Developing Teen Writers: Summer 2019


WriteAtHome exists to take the pressure off when it comes to writing, but whether or not your student takes a WriteAtHome course, we still want to help. That's why we're offering a series of free, online webinars starting Monday, July 29. Parents, teachers, and students are welcome to attend. Webinar descriptions and links to register are below.

Developing Teen Writers
In this four-part series, veteran English teacher and founder of WriteAtHome, Brian Wasko, shares both foundational principles and practical strategies that will get teens writing better and relieve some of the anxiety parents feel about teaching writing.

All webinars are from 8:30-9:30 PM Eastern Time

You must be registered to attend a workshop. See below. Recorded versions will be available to those who register.

Part 1: Principles of Writing Instruction (Monday, July 29)
Brian will talk about two key components of all good writing instruction and ten strategies for developing confident, self-motivated, effective writers.

Part 2: Responding to Your Student's Writing (Monday, August 5)
Brian will offer suggestions for coaching students through the various steps of the writing process and explain the four crucial types of comments you should be making on every paper your teen writes for you.

Part 3: Grading Papers (Monday, August 12)
This webinar will be all about the trickiest part of teaching writing: grading papers. Brian will talk about the philosophy of grading and its potential pitfalls. He will also get practical and show you how to use WriteAtHome's unique 3 X 3 + 1 grading rubric in your homeschool writing.

Part 4: Grammar and Writing (Monday, August 19)
The final webinar will be about grammar and its relationship to writing. Brian will suggest the best way to approach the teaching of grammar, including when to start, how long to cover it, and what curriculums to use.