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A Little Something About Myself

At the beginning of a writing course, we like to get to know our students better, so your first assignment is to tell us a “little something about yourself.”

We mean this just like we say it. Think of one particular thing about yourself and tell us about it in a few sentences. 

It might be your favorite thing to do, your greatest talent, or the best thing that ever happened to you.

It might be your best personality trait, like your sense of humor, your athletic ability, or your amazing patience with your little brother.

It might be what you want to be when you grow up or the thing you wish for most in this world.

Whatever little thing you decide to share with us, make sure it’s not too simple or too complicated to explain in about ten sentences. In other words, something like this wouldn’t be enough:

 One thing about me is that I am really tall.

If you want to talk about something like your size, then you’ll have to add more information to help us really get to know you. Something like this would be great:

One thing about me is that I am really tall. I am five feet, eight inches tall, and I’m only 12 years old. I am already taller than my mom. I have a long way to go to catch my dad, though. He is six feet, four inches tall. But my grandmother told me that I am taller than he was at my age. One thing I don’t like about being tall is that everyone asks me if I play basketball. I don’t even like basketball. I’m not really a sports person. I’d rather work on engines and fix things than play sports. I don’t see why everyone expects tall people to be basketball players. Aren’t there any tall mechanics out there?

Notice that this whole paragraph is about just one thing — being tall.  See if you can do something similar.

Most of the writing projects you’ll do for us in this course will require you to do several drafts (with the help of your writing coach), but this one is different. We won’t ask you to fix this one up later. It’s mostly just a chance for your writing coach to get to know you and your writing style. Have fun!

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