noun descriptions

Descriptive writing uses words to paint a picture, only this picture can reveal more than just a visual image. Written description can also involve sounds, smells, tastes, and textures .  

Your assignment is to describe one of each type of noun: a person, a place, a thing, and an idea. Each description should be a full paragraph.

The “idea noun” will probably be the most difficult part of this assignment because your job is to describe, not explain. You must show the idea, not just tell about it. You have to paint a picture of an idea, like courage, democracy, or exploration. How this is done is up to you. We recommend you think of an idea as if it were something tangible.

If, for example, you were to choose love as the idea you want to describe, you could ask yourself, “If love had a shape, what would it look like? What color would it be? What shape? Would it be a living thing or an inanimate object? What could it be compared to? Would it have a taste, a smell? What would it feel like? Would it move or act? How?” You could also choose to personify love by describing it as though it were a person. What kind of person would Love be?

Below is a list of suggested nouns to describe. You are not required to choose from the list. Pick any person, place, thing, or idea you’d like.

Persons:  a family member, a favorite relative, a teacher, a coach, a friend, a historical figure, a sports hero, a fictional character, a cartoon character, a cowboy, a bank robber, a used car salesman, a bell boy, a ballerina, a gypsy, a circus clown, a chess master, a cannibal, etc.

Placesa vacation spot, your bedroom, your grandparent’s house, a playhouse, a bowling alley, a supermarket, a rodeo, an opera house, a miser’s basement, a widow’s attic, an abandoned library, a castle, a country road, a town square, a city street, a bus stop, the moon, an imaginary place, a theme park, a prison cell, a criminal’s hideout, etc.

Thingsan interesting hairdo, a toolbox, a car, a computer chip, an unusual invention, a skateboard, a video game, a work of art, a pet, a bowl of soup, a bug, etc.

Ideaslove, peace, hatred, imagination, childhood, fear, death, goodness, evil, joy, boredom, talent, democracy, freedom, individuality, mercy, Christianity, education, wisdom, despair, hope, etc.

Suggested Length: Be as descriptive as you like. At least one paragraph for each noun. Try to make your paragraphs at least five sentences long.

Be sure to follow the formatting guidelines.