Camille moore

Camille Moore is a proud former graduate of the WriteAtHome program, which has opened a variety of doors for her writing career from research writing to tutoring, speechwriting, and professional blogging. Camille completed her B.A. in English and creative writing at Regent University, as well as one year of a Master’s program in Film at Savannah College of Art and Design. Some of Camille’s writing experience also includes a few short stories for competition and scriptwriting. While in film school, she started writing a few shorts films for her classmates. Her favorite genre of fiction is mystery, especially the classics of Agatha Christie. She also enjoyed incorporating science fiction and adventure elements into her own stories. Her dream is to write novels that will get young people excited about the art of storytelling. Camille’s hobbies outside of writing include nature walks through the beautiful Potomac River area, baking up fun new recipes for her family, and giving lots of love to her rescue kitten named Basil.