Do You Have What It Takes to Be a WriteAtHome Writing Coach?

We are looking for talented people with experience as teachers, writers, and/or editors to work with WriteAtHome students. They must be positive, encouraging people with an interest in helping young people. They must be strong writers. They must be knowledgeable not only about conventions like grammar, usage, and punctuation, but also an ear for the aesthetics of good writing. They must be capable of addressing the content, as well as the style and mechanics of student papers. 

WriteAtHome writing coaches are independent contractors who are responsible for a fixed number of students (based on the coach's request, but sometimes limited by availability). Coaches work on their own schedule, but must return papers promptly by a weekly deadline and will be expected to communicate responsibly with their students. Coaches must have access to an internet-connected computer, but no other equipment is necessary. 

Coaches bill WriteAtHome monthly and are compensated on a per-paper basis. 

Writing coaches must reside in the United States. 


Apply to be a writing coach

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Note that the application includes an original essay of no more than 500 words about why you want to be a WriteAtHome writing coach. This is an essential part of the application. It's important that writing coaches can demonstrate their own writing skills. Nothing in this application is as important as the essay. Take all the time you need. We recommend that you compose it offline and then copy and paste it when you are ready. 

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