Book List for Lit Four: The Modern Era

The specific editions below are recommended for the course, though it's not necessary to purchase them from Amazon. Many can be found in local libraries or as inexpensive or free e-books. If you choose not to purchase via the links below, pay attention to the editions. Avoid abridged or annotated versions. Most of the books in this course were written in English, with the exception of Crime and Punishment. Stick to the Constance Garnett translation. 

I have included Whitman's Leaves of Grass below, but it's not really necessary to purchase it in its entirety. We will only be reading some excerpts, which can be found online. This goes for our various short stories and Modernist era poetry as well. I will provide links to free online versions of those works. 

Disclosure: WriteAtHome receives a small commission when you purchase via the links below.