Welcome to the New WriteAtHome Blog

We are changing the blog. 

The old blog is great. I'm proud of the hundreds of articles I published there since 2011. I'm proud of the traffic it gets too--last I checked about 2,800 page views per day. 

But we want to expand. We want to do more than just talk about grammar and language and writing. Now that we've added Wasko Lit, I want to do more writing about literature and teaching the Great Books. 

And now that my wife, Melanie, has joined the WriteAtHome team, we can also offer more for homeschooling moms. Stuff I wasn't qualified to write about. Stuff like staying strong and full of faith during the typical trials of homeschooling. Encouragement and humor to get you through messy days. 

And, though this is less significant, I want to keep the blog on the same platform as our new website. To do that, we sort of need to start over. 

So that's what we're going to do! Come along with us!