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TutoriculumWriteAtHome® offers a variety of course options, including comprehensive writing courses for middle and high school students and specialized writing workshops.

You now have three ways to use WriteAtHome Courses: The Annual Plan, the Semester Option, or the A la Carte Plan (8-week workshops).

The Annual Plan is the simplest way to use WriteAtHome. We’ll provide broad instruction in the various modes of writing with an increasing emphasis on academic writing (essays and research papers) as the student gets closer to graduating. You sign up for a single annual course each year, based on the student’s grade or the number of years remaining before graduation.

The Semester Option We offer abridged, 16-week semester versions of all our annual courses. This is ideal for those who want a broad approach to writing instruction, but do not desire a full year course. Semester courses are complete courses that we offer twice per year. The spring semester courses are identical to those offered in the fall; they are not first and second halves of the annual courses. If you are interested in a full year of writing instruction, choose an annual course.

Note: Semester courses progress at the same pace as annual courses, and therefore include only half the lessons and assignments.

The A La Carte Plan is any combination of workshops. You pick and choose which of these shorter courses best meets your needs each year. You can take a single course or several courses spread out over several years. It’s up to you.

Of course, we’ll be happy to help by recommending courses to best fit your family’s individual needs.

If you choose the A La Carte Plan, be sure to read the course descriptions carefully and take note of any prerequisites or overlapping courses.

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