PayPerPaper Service

Submit a paperWriteAtHome®’s PayPerPaper Service (PPS) offers you access to the talents of our expert writing coaches with virtually unlimited flexibility. With the PPS, you can submit a single writing project of your choice at any time for thorough feedback and evaluation. By selecting one of our two service options, you may either receive comment and assessment on a single, completed draft or enlist the help of a writing coach through a three-draft writing process.

  • Have you ever wished someone else could evaluate your child’s writing?
  • Someone more knowledgeable?
  • Someone more familiar with what to expect from a student your child’s age?
  • Or just someone who isn’t, well, you?
  • If so, then you’ll love our PayPerPaper Service.

The PPS is designed to accommodate any prose writing project from creative stories to research papers. And it’s available any time, any day of the week, with a quick turn-around time.

Whether you are using a formal writing curriculum or simply designing your own projects, with the PayPerPaper Service, our writing coaches are at your service to help encourage your young writers, suggest ways to improve their writing, and provide thorough, objective assessment of their work.

PayPerPaper Service
  • Flexible editing and evaluation
  • Submit a paper or draft anytime
  • Our coaches, your project
  • Specially designated coaches for users of particular curriculums

With PayPerPaper, you’ll pay a low one-time fee for every paper you submit. You won’t pay for an undetermined number of papers over a limited period of time, so you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

Choose from Two Types of Services:

Single Draft Evaluation (SDE): You may submit a single draft of a paper to a writing coach for a detailed review of content, organization, style, usage, and mechanics. Using the same tools as in our traditional courses, coaches will insert their comments neatly into the paper, ensuring clear, specific, useful feedback. In addition, each paper will receive a formal assessment score using our six-trait rubric.

Three-Draft Process (TDP): With the TDP option, customers will receive constructive feedback on three drafts of a single writing project. The writing coach will work with the student on all three drafts, providing directive comments on each preliminary draft and a formal assessment on the final draft. See the back page for pricing.

Quick Turn-Around:
  • Papers submitted on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays will be returned the next Friday.
  • Papers submitted on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, will be returned the next Tuesday.

PayPerPaper Prices

Single Draft Evaluation (SDE)
Paper Length Price
500 or fewer words $18
501 - 1,000 words $24
1,001 - 1,500 words $30
1,501 - 2,000 words $36
each additional 1,000 words $12
Three Draft Process (TDP)
Paper Length Price
500 or fewer words $42
501 - 1,000 words $54
1,001 - 1,500 words $68
1,501 - 2,000 words $80
each additional 1,000 words $24